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Here are 5 Food Items Men Should Eat for Healthy Erections

One of the secrets to achieving consistent, healthy erection is by following a healthy and balanced diet. When you are up for a night of romance, you really don’t want to stuff yourself with heavy food items—like carbs. Intimate moments warrant for men to eat nutritious foods that will let them perform and last for […]


All-Natural Juice Combination for Better Health

Celery and grapefruit are two plant-based food items that deliver many benefits to health and wellness. It should be a part of a well-balanced diet in order to improve and enhance vital body processed. Both food items are proven to balance the acidity and normalize the pH of blood People who are suffering from high […]

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Top 3 Big Benefits of Water

You have heard that it is good to drink water since you were a kid, but many people don’t know the benefits they get from drinking water (just like how they don’t know the difference between impotence vs erectile dysfunction). There are many people out there not taking enough water daily. Water is important because […]



This shoot I did with Jana was something totally new for me but I wanted to try something different, something a little more creative. I’ve got a thing lately for trying new things, something out of my comfort zone. Becoming a mother was the best thing that has ever happened to me but I lost myself […]



With the cooler weather making an appearance (which I’m so excited for!) comes my everyday comfy basics. I’m a lover of leggings, with that being said I really wont wear them if my shirt or sweater isn’t longer in the back. Pretty much every shirt/sweater I wear falls below my bum, I just think it’s […]



Yesterday was kinda a typical day for me. I woke up, Harper decided everything that morning was going to make her sad.We then all got in the car and dropped Sean (the hubs) off at work, came home and I did the dishes. Exciting I know, but then after Harper and I ate some breakfast […]