Here are 5 Food Items Men Should Eat for Healthy Erections

One of the secrets to achieving consistent, healthy erection is by following a healthy and balanced diet. When you are up for a night of romance, you really don’t want to stuff yourself with heavy food items—like carbs. Intimate moments warrant for men to eat nutritious foods that will let them perform and last for hours.

As a general rule, food items that are healthy for the heart and the rest of the cardiovascular system will enable you to achieve harder erections fast! Food items that stimulate the production of more testosterone are also highly recommended. Aphrodisiacs or food items that stimulate the libido or sex drive of men can also improve erections, but not all of these aphrodisiacs work like magic.

Here are things that you need to eat to guarantee erections:


Onions are heart healthy as they function as blood thinner. When the blood circulating in the lower portion of the body becomes thinner, the blood volume increases too. Increased blood volume in the pubic region paves he way to stronger erections over time.


Caffeine can affect the way you perform in bed. Although men are advised to go slow on coffee intake, a cup before the deed can help you get hard and last longer in bed.


Salmon is a fatty fish that is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Healthy fats from salmon helps in improving overall blood circulation. Just like onion, Omega-3 fatty acids make blood less viscous so you can achieve erections quickly.


Cherries contain high levels of anthocyanins- compounds that play the crucial role of cleaning up arterial walls. Anthocyanins guarantee continuous blood supply by keeping the arteries free from blockage. Cherries also contain compounds that raise sex drive.


Saffron is a valuable food ingredient which not only adds exquisite flavors to dishes, but also increases libido in both men and women. It also contains compounds that make the body more receptive to touch.

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