With the cooler weather making an appearance (which I’m so excited for!) comes my everyday comfy basics. I’m a lover of leggings, with that being said I really wont wear them if my shirt or sweater isn’t longer in the back. Pretty much every shirt/sweater I wear falls below my bum, I just think it’s so much more flattering than ones that don’t. I warn you though, once you try one on you’ll never go back!
And these necklaces!! I just got them at a little pop up shop event last Saturday where tons of local shops/small businesses got together and had little booths selling their goods, most at a discounted price. I haven’t bought any nice jewelry in years (by nice I mean over 8$/ not from forever21) and something that doesn’t tarnish. So I saw these two beauties and fell in love! Plus if I am going to spend a little more on something I love supporting local mommies or students or whoever they are and their small business. I never seem to have buyers remorse this way 😉

shirt : target
pants : gift from the hubs work trip to London … and yes you read that right, he got to go to London for work! Was I jealous? YES. But he did spoil me with more goodies than I deserve!
shoes : target similar
necklaces : short Elm Avenue, long Voulez
cuff : passed down from my mom