Yesterday was kinda a typical day for me. I woke up, Harper decided everything that morning was going to make her sad.We then all got in the car and dropped Sean (the hubs) off at work, came home and I did the dishes. Exciting I know, but then after Harper and I ate some breakfast and had our green smoothie, I got to thinking and just wanted to take Harper somewhere where I knew she would have fun and explore at her own leisure.  More so, I wanted some one on one time with her. That sounds a bit odd, I know. Lets be honest my days are usually filled with one on one time with this babe. But it’s not necessarily intentional. This time I wanted to really watch her play, see her little mind wonder and let her test her limits. It was so fun! I actually got to see her in a way I haven’t seen before. It’s hard to put into words but maybe one day you’ll do the same with your little and see what mean. It filled my heart even more with love for her.

Oh and that head tilt when she kisses me… kills me every time, I can’t fight the smile!

Before I forget I just have to say, the pictures of both of us, I set the camera on a timer and used my wallet and almost empty wipes container to prop it up, fancy right? It was spur of the moment but so fun! I would expect her to just want to run off but she loved it! She thought it was the coolest thing. She would get so excited watching the light blink and hearing the shutters close as it took the picture. Then she would hop up and run over to look at the picture telling me all about it. It was like magic to her. Completely surprised me and I loved every minute of it. It’s amazing the things you discover when veering off course from your daily routines.  <3