This shoot I did with Jana was something totally new for me but I wanted to try something different, something a little more creative. I’ve got a thing lately for trying new things, something out of my comfort zone.

IMG_4706Becoming a mother was the best thing that has ever happened to me but I lost myself in the process, before you think anything negative, I’m proud I did. Pretty much for the longest time everything I did and 95% of my thoughts were for/about Harper. That came with its pros and cons but I love, more than I can explain, LOVE it. I mean it brings me to tears just thinking it. Happy tears of course! So that’s what I mean by lost, lost in a good way, I was lost in something I loved doing. I had always thought when reading about how”as a mother you need to take time for yourself ” didn’t really apply to me because I longed becoming a mother, to experience motherhood for the first time. To see first hand what it’s like having a mother in a family. I’d say a year postpartum, thoughts on that started to change.


Taking time for myself… it does matter and I’ve found something. It may be small but this blog, this little space I have to share my thoughts and life, I love this too. It’s not always easy but I like the challenge.


So these little monkeys just melt my heart. Courtney took these pictures of Harper and Gavin, and I just love it. Totally captures their friendship. It makes my heart happy seeing these two play together, exploring new places and that I have these pictures to remember them at this stage.

Let me know what you think. Its not really an outfit post, I do wear this outfit a lot but that not necessarily what the photos are about. Any way… I hope you enjoyed some part of it.